All of our days are numbered.

We cannot afford to be idle. To act on a bad idea is better that to not act at all. Because to worth of an idea never becomes apparent until you do it - Nick Cave.

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Saturday the 20th June 2020

Please note this is a kind of ‘reliability ride’ not a supported race or sportive. The ride is unsupported and you are responsible for yourself and your equipment. There are no officials, no marshals, no ride leaders, no direction signs, and no rescue services or broom wagon. In short, there is no support. By signing up you acknowledge this, and that you ride at your own risk and you are expected to ride in a safe, considerate manner both to other road users and other riders and should of course obey the highway code at all times. It will get very dark so functioning front and rear lights are a must.

We collect the information to give us an idea of numbers and keep you up to date with arrangements. We also like to let the Best Pizza and Kebab House in Moffat know how many are likely to want fed - food selection isn't an actual order and think carefully if you are ordering a salad!